Program Values

Our Values 

As a community of care, TPHHR work is grounded in love, humility, and the basic human connection we share. We strive to live a common set of values that are representative of the love of God and how we interact in the world with our clients, community partners, and with each other. We welcome all people equally and with love. We honor those we serve and walk alongside them on their journey of becoming whole. We carry out our mandate being faithful to nine Core Values in the work that we will provide each day.

These are the Core Values that define us: 

Hospitality… We believe that every person is sacred and the subject of human dignity. All TPHHR programs and services provide a safe environment for those we serve and with whom we work.

Respect… We value the inherent dignity and worth of every individual’s God-given right to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity; and accept the responsibility to treat others in the same way.

Compassion… We are empathic with the suffering of others without taking responsibility for those feelings and we work aggressively to alleviate those feelings as if they were our own.

Integrity… At TPHHR, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  We embody wholeness and unity through honesty in our words and actions. We are respectful and ethical in our ideas, decisions, and actions for the delivery of all services and relationships.

Client-Centered… We create collaborative relationships that fit the unique needs and experiences of each client with dignity and respect. This puts the client at the center of their Individual Service Plan (ISP). We walk with each client to help them evolve as they move along their journey of self-empowerment.

Justice… We act and respond with fairness and mercy in our relationships with clients and partners, and we advocate for positive change in our society so that all people are treated equally.

Excellence… We are committed with sharing our knowledge, skills, and talents to carry out our responsibilities to the best of our ability.

Collaboration… We honor diverse perspectives and experiences that inspire innovation and creativity to arrive at the best and the greatest impact for the greater good of those we serve.

Service… We are grateful for the love we have been given and the opportunity to give back to those we serve.